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Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en -Monument, Paarl


The Taalmuseum is situated in the heart of Paarl, in the former house of Gideon Malherbe, one of the founders of the Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners (GRA) (Association of True Afrikaners). The museum’s exhibitions inform you about the history and diversity of Afrikaans. Come and view the GRA’s printing press, test your knowledge of idioms and buy a souvenir in our museum shop. Guided tours need to be pre-booked.

The Taalmonument is situated on Paarl Mountain. Come visit us to discover more about the history of Afrikaans! Did you know that the roots of Afrikaans can be traced back to three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa? The architect, Jan van Wijk, designed the Taalmonument to give recognition to these diverse origins of the language. Click here for a virtual tour of the Taalmonument



Ommiberg/Round the Rock, Paarl Wine Festival


The Ommiberg / Round the Rock wine festival started 10 years ago. The objective was to introduce the Paarl Wine Route to consumers who are not aware of the region, and especially to introduce them to smaller producers who may not be open during normal business hours.

The trade idea behind the Ommiberg / Round the Rock festival is based on a well-known German festival, where you taste the young wines of the new harvest season. The cellars open their doors for one day so that people actually can go into the cellar and taste straight from the tank. The new wine is unfiltered so you can experience the mercy and cloudy color of the wine. The Germans call the color of the wine “Fiederweissen”, which means “ feather white”.

This festival is based on a unique concept. There are many different wine festivals but during the Ommiberg / Round the Rock festival you can actually taste the first wines from the current season here in Paarl, at the beginning of March.



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