Why Video Matter So Much! 7 Important Reasons

In this article, I suggest SEVEN important reasons why you should start looking at the role of videos in social media marketing, rather sooner than later...

There are quite a number of people in the tourism industry who raise the question:

"Why should we trouble to have a well-produced video of our business or destination?"

You’re already aware that YouTube is a pretty big deal (… I hope!) You’re also most likely aware that making a video can be a difficult exercise. Just one great video can have a big shift in sales. In fact, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get major returns on a good video. For this reason, if your business is serious for you - and not a part-time thing - you should put this on your to-do list.

Why Video Matters So Much

1). Video is a big deal. Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine (after Google)? You know people love watching video but you may be surprised just how much people love it.

2). It increases your online presence. Having even just the one marketing video on YouTube gives people an additional way discover you, with the added bonus that Google often ranks videos right up there.

3). It connects with people emotionally. Have you ever noticed how much more a video that's even just 5 seconds will capture the personality of a loved one, compared to a photo? That connection will make people far more likely to book with you.

4). Video stays with people and causes them to remember you over all others. Whenever I see a small business using video, I find that the video returns to my memory several times over the days that follow. Getting memorability like that without video is super tough.

5). It allows people to pre-experience your tour, guest house or wine experience. With a video, your service goes from being a vague idea to being a specific concept sitting there right in front of them. It’s at the core of why video succeeds.

Human beings are simply not build to deal in the abstract. Even if they understand that you do bus trips to the forest, it won’t feel real to them until they experience it. You become a known quantity against the unknown which gives you a huge leg-up on your competition.

6). Your guests want video. Not convinced yet by the previous points? How’s about this: according to a study of retail websites conducted by Comscore, after watching a video people stay on a website for an average of 2 minutes longer and are 64% more likely to purchase. In my own experience, whenever businesses add a great video to their site they get a bump.

7). TripAdvisor now lets you upload your video. What a great way to stick out from the pack.

Deon Kitching

CEO Discover SA Travel Channel


Source: Newton, Matthew. Sell More Tours: A Guide to Online Marketing for Tour Operators (Kindle Locations 1764-1773). Kindle Edition.


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