About our Regions

Discover South Africa Travel Channel has made the decision to explore and enhance rural tourism in South Africa. That’s why we have divided the country in twelve regions (see right) which focus on rural South Africa.

 Tourism is one of the biggest job creators in the world and was recognised by the G20 as a driver of economic growth at the G20 summit in Mexico in June 2012, marking the first time travel and tourism has been included in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration.  What has become clear is that local enterprises desperately need a traveller market to connect to in order for this to work and for jobs to not only be created, but sustained.

In a country so rich with cultural heritage and history, diverse people and places and a plethora of attractions to keep just about any visitor happy, why is it that travellers are bypassing the rest of South Africa to get to ‘the good stuff’ when so much of it is right on our doorstep? The only solution seems to be that travellers across the world should all be working towards discovering more about the country they live in, not only to uncover the hidden treasures, but in support of

  • job creation,
  • quality work,
  • poverty reduction and
  • global growth.

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