Le Roux and Fourie Vignerons, Robertson


At the foot of the majestic Langeberg Mountains resides Le Roux & Fourie Vignerons on Buitenstekloof farm, established circa 1823.

In 2003, brothers Johan and Le Roux Fourie started producing wine in honor of their French Huguenot grandfathers, Le Roux and Fourie. The brothers believe wine making is a life long passion with a strong legacy.

The LRF philosophy is to make unique terroir based wines and to not compete directly with others.  As they produce hand-crafted wines, the Fouries have the luxury of harvesting 3 to 4 times through a single block, giving control over the wine’s structure and balance.

The cellar is the first straw bale cellar in South Africa and also the highest structure of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere (9m at its highest point), as far as is known. It is specially designed to create the perfect climate for wine making, incidentally reducing the carbon footprint and energy usage substantially.

Due to the high limestone deposits in the soil, wines of distinction are produced. Le Roux & Fourie’s signature award-winning Carignan is one of the few wines in South Africa that is 100% from the Carignan grape.

The Flag 'n Wine World at Le Roux & Fourie Vignerons is especially designed to learn about and pray for nations and to explore world geography in a classroom without walls!

More than 220 flags were manufactured from recycled pallets and painted - a project that took 8 months to complete!


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