Frater Square, Paarl

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Frater Square is a unique shopping experience in Paarl. It combines a relaxed style, natural chic, and a charming village-like ambiance with a buzzing and unique outdoor concept to totally transform traditional expectations of lifestyle and shopping.  Expect to find trendy restaurants, wine shops, decor shops, hair and beauty salons, a travel agent, clothing boutiques for adults and kids, and much more!

 The Frater Square building dates back to 1845, and is part of the farm Hou Moed.  Over the last century, the building was utilized in a variety of ways, including being used as a pack shed for fruit and farm implements.

The location of this historic building – at the entrance of Paarl main road – made it ideal for retail development.  After several years of planning by the owners, Gerard and Yvette Frater, their dream of a lifestyle mall was completed. The renovation was closely monitored to retain the building’s original historical feel, and most materials were recycled and used in the process.

Frater Square Lifestyle Centre is a unique shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else in the beautiful Paarl valley.

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